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Jasmine's Titles

Champion Titles

Agility Dog Champion - Bronze (ADCH-B) - Highest earned: ADCH

9/15 Master Standard legs
5/15 Master Gamblers legs
6/15 Master Jumpers legs
6/15 Master Relay legs
5/15 Master Snooker legs
5/15 Tournament Qs (3/3 Grand Prix Qs, 1/3 Steeplechase Qs, 1/3 Masters Team Championship Qs)

Tournament Master Titles

Tournament Master (TM) 5/10 Qs
3/2 Grand Prix Qs, 1/2 Steeplechase Qs, 1/2 Masters Team Championship Qs

Versatility Titles

Master Agility Dog (MAD) - Earned!

Lifetime Achievement

Lifetime Achievement - Bronze

110/150 Overall Lifetime Achievement Qs
23/15 Standard legs
16/15 Gamblers legs
22/15 Jumpers legs
11/15 Relay legs
19/15 Snooker legs


MC Standard Agility Champion: 2/5 Qs

Standard Agility Champion - Highest earned: SAM

9/10 Master Standard legs


Gamblers Champion - Highest earned: GM

5/10 Master Gamblers legs


MC Jumpers Champion: 1/5 Qs

Jumpers Champion - Highest earned: JM

6/10 Master Jumpers Legs


Relay Champion - Highest earned: RM

6/10 Master Relay Legs


Snooker Champion - Highest earned: SM

5/10 Master Snooker legs


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